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So you want to know what the Jazz Rascals are all about.

How about a brief history lesson to begin with?

 It was actually a snowy February day when three traditional jazz musicians decided to get together just to jam in a kitchen and what happened that day just seemed to click. A decision to "make a go of it" from that casual jam resulted in huge success touring Canada and the US, playing clubs and festivals. Many TV and radio appearances were followed by a hugely successful "first" self titled CD. Several cuts from the CD were used to create a, one time broadcast, "old time radio drama" that was carried on PBS radio across the pacific rim and on many stations across the US. Whether playing a club date, for the Prime Minister of Canada or as a feature act on the main stage at the Bix Festival, they handled it with ease and enthusiasm and were always a crowd pleaser.

The Original Jazz Rascals Dixieland Jazz Band

"Original" Jazz Rascals - Eddie, David & Ben - 1998

As the trio were heading into the studio for their debut follow up project, which was to include several original songs, Eddy (on cornet at that time) was diagnosed with cancer and his illness brought an end to the group. David and Ben moved on to other projects for a few years, but stayed and remain very close friends. A short while ago, they began to get together to jam and began playing again as a rhythm section on some local gigs and of course there were always conversations of the "good times". Like the time, performing in front of several thousand people, they let a passing freight train take the break in a song and somehow the engineer hit the diesel horn exactly on queue! Or arriving at a private anniversary party they'd been hired to play, to find out it was a party of four, only two couples - they were out numbered! Enough history........
    Jump ahead to the summer of 2005. Dave and Benji were hired to play as a rhythm section and the band leader let them know that this "guy" was going to just "drop in and play a few tunes with us".  A private party, and oddly enough this "guy" arrived early and helped with the party by shucking corn for an hour before the rest of the band arrived! It didn't take long to realize that this guy was "the" guy - enter Doug Burnley.

"New" Jazz Rascals - Ben, Doug, and David - 2005

    We're happy to announce that "The Jazz Rascals" are back! In no time the three hit it off and the conversation quickly turned to renewing The Jazz Rascals. As you know, if you've read the individual bio's of these folks, they all have extensive backgrounds in making this type of music come to life. And the synergy is obvious when you see or hear them. Like minds, heading in the same direction. Don't be fooled by the small size of a trio - for pure entertainment, they're BIG!
    Renewed, The Jazz Rascals have already played several gigs together and are gearing up to record another CD - look for it. Planning is in the works for the jazz festivals - look for them. Check out the testimonials - read them.

 If you're not convinced by now that "The Jazz Rascals" are the "biggest little trio" in the land, you could be missing out on that "spark" that will take your event to the next level.







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